• aluminium anodizing powder coating of aluminium profiles for windows and doors
  • Powder Coating and anodizing aluminum profiles for window and doors.

    Omega italy is able to supply all kinds of powder coating and anodizing for aluminium profiles, including sublimation wood effect. Our important partnerships allow us to cover every request and to give, if requested, the various certifications.

  • anodic oxidation coating for aluminium

    Anodic oxidation is a process through which a protective layer of aluminium oxide forms on the surface of the aluminium profile protecting it from corrosion. The layers of anodic oxide originate from the direct transformation of the base metal, therefore their properties depend on those of the metal itself.
    Omega italy can propose:

     for interior architecture Class 5  thickness µm  5
    Class 10 thickness µm 10
    For external applications  Class 15  thickness µm 15
    Class 20 thickness µm 20
    Class 25 thickness µm 25

    The oxidised aluminium can be used both for internal structures and for architectures in industrial or marine sectors, having exceptional results in terms of beauty and durability.

  • powder coating painting for aluminium

    Before the painting, the aluminium can be pre-treated in two ways:
    • Through anodic oxidation pre-treatment. • Through no-rinse, chrome-free pre-treatment.

    The painting with oxidation pre-treatment has been specially developed for aluminium, being this alloy very resistant to corrosion caused by chemical and atmospheric agents. It consists in the production of an anodic oxide developed to fix the adjacent layers of heat-polymerized outdoor powder paint. This system combines the extremely high resistance of the anodic layer with a film of polyester powder paint. It is indicated for marine environments, where aluminium is frequently exposed to filiform corrosion.

    The painting with no-rinse, chrome-free pre-treatment offers an excellent adhesion base and a protective coat before the powder painting. This process can be compared to the chromic treatment. A high resistance to corrosion can be associated with powder painting, thus allowing its use in many applicative areas.

  • sublimation wood effect for aluminium profiles

    The sublimation wood effect is a process that allows the reproduction of the wood grain. Thanks to its experience Omega Italy can reproduce any type of wood, combining its elegance to the resistance of the metal.